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In its most basic form, a computer mouse is simple hardware—a sensor on the bottom, two buttons, and a scroll wheel on top—that lets you interact with programs as though they were extensions of your own hand. But while a mouse is simple in concept, the market for them is a scattered field of mouse genres, prices, and designs. The mouse is usually Corded/Wired or Wireless or Bluetooth Mouse

The major top computer accessories brands Include;  Logitech, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and many more,  At Tdk computer mouse shop in Nairobi 

The computer mouse has come to be one of the top accessories for every desktop and laptop. Irrespective of the trackpad on laptops and notebooks,

A  majority still prefer to use the mouse due to the comfort and ease it brings when in use. It is an input device that is used in moving the cursor on a computer system. For desktop computers, it is an important peripheral device else the cursor on the screen will not respond. Also for most graphics and animation designers, the mouse is an important tool compared to the trackpad. With the mouse, you can use the cursor to move items, select files and folders, drag an object from one point to the other, open a folder by double-clicking it, and so much more.


Computer Mouse Buying Guide

As important as this computer accessory is, it is important to note that there are different types of computer mouse available online. Each with unique features and they vary in price too. The two most popular mouse brands sold online are the HP and Dell mouse. With this guide, you can easily select the perfect mouse for your system.

Wired or Wireless Mouse: From the name, a mouse can be of two types. The wired mouse is also known as a corded mouse meaning it is connected to the desktop or laptop via a wired connection. One major advantage of this is you don’t have to buy batteries often because the mouse is also powered by the cable connection.

Also, they are less expensive when compared to the wireless mouse and they never lose connection as long as the cord is not damaged and it is connected to the required port.

One major disadvantage of wired mouse especially ones that use USB connection is they monopolize your USB ports. For a system with only two USB ports, imagine using one of them for your mouse and you have to manage other devices with one. A Wireless mouse is connected to the PC or laptop via Bluetooth or Radio Frequency. Most people confuse both connection type.

A chip that comes with the mouse is the frequency transmitter chip that sends a signal to the mouse. While those that connect to the Bluetooth of the system are the Bluetooth mouse.

This category is more expensive than the wired ones. They also make use of batteries for power. They give you more flexibility due to the absence of cables. They are prone to connection loss especially when they are out of signal range.

Type of Connection: The computer mouse can be connected the USB port or the serial port. Although the latter is outdated, some old desktop still makes use of the serial port mouse. The USB port is the upgrade of the serial port connection. It is fast and easier to install. With this, the mouse driver installs automatically hence the word – Plug and Play Devices. Be it wired or wireless type, they both make use of the USB ports.

Buttons Present: By default, there should be two major buttons present on the mouse which are the left button and the right button. Each has its specific operation and function it carries out. Some mouse have other buttons such as volume control buttons, scroll buttons, and more.

Where to Buy Computer Mouse in Kenya?

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Best Computer Mouse to buy in Kenya?

The best mouse can make even the dullest work a little easier to glide through, so it’s worth taking the time to find the one that works best for you. While just about every office job will offer you a cheap, forgettable peripheral, you don’t have to settle for a subpar computer mouse — in fact, you shouldn’t, especially if you do a lot of creative work. This guide will help you find the right mouse for you and offer tips on what to prioritize.

What is the best mouse to consider

As you may have guessed, there is no “best mouse” for every potential use case. Some mice are huge and feature-rich; others are small and inexpensive. A graphic designer probably needs a different mouse than an accountant — and this is assuming that you need a mouse exclusively for productivity, and aren’t interested in a gaming model instead. Generally speaking, though, Most mice from top branded companies are suitable for most people.

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