In Stock
Color Black
memory storage capacity 32GB
Brand Transcend
hardware interface USB2.0
reading speed 65 Megabytes per second


              Transcend 32GB Jet Flash 350

Transcend JetFlash 350 32GB USB 2.0 is available in Nairobi, Kenya at TDK Solutions . Buy this Transcend JetFlash 350 32GB USB 2.0 flash drive at the best price. We can deliver across Kenya and beyond! The light and compact JetFlash 350 displays class and simplicity. Featuring a streamlined design and a pure black color scheme, the JetFlash 350 is the perfect example of style to suit all tastes. Offering vast capacity ranging from 4GB to 32GB, outstanding read/write speeds and an ultra-light weight of just 8.5g, the JetFlash 350 proves to be an excellent storage solution as well as a fashionable accessory.

            Transcend 32GB Jet Flash 350 Features

  • Ultra light weight of only 8.5g
  • Extremely slim and portable
  • Fully compatible with USB 2.0 interface


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